The High Intensity
Interval Token

HIIT is: the High Intensity Interval Token.
A powerful utility token for the fitness industry.

contract: 0x30fbed2e5Bd9BC23828aB2f1D835D2af864506bC


HIIT is the world’s first token specifically built for the global fitness industry. Combining innovative technology with smart tokenomics and powerful utility – it’s time to get fit with HIIT. 

Major features

Use Cases

With HIIT, you can be rewarded for your fitness efforts if you’re working towards your fitness goals, if you’re a personal trainer, fitness industry professional or a fitness facility/gym. 

You can earn HIIT when you complete a workout in-app. You can use our workouts, import your existing programs – or create your own. This means you can literally get paid to train. 

You can also earn HIIT when it is awarded to you by your personal trainer or coach, or even from a gym as recognition for your efforts (member of the month etc)

You can then purchase products and services (training programs, hire a coach etc) from industry professionals as well as buy apparel and fitness products. 

As the network grows, more gyms and personal trainers will accept HIIT, enabling you to pay for your fitness services and even your gym memberships with HIIT.  


The HIIT team is made up of experienced fitness industry professionals & crypto/blockchain enthusiasts. With our shared mission and vision for we’re working tirelessly to bring the two passions together. 

With our vast experience in the world of fitness, we aim to utilise our industry contacts to get the HIIT token integrated IRL and bring the world of blockchain into the everyday – starting with your gym!


Founder & Team Lead

Josh has over 7 years of fitness industry experience and has built and grown multiple business ventures in this time. From working in small gyms, to multinational empires, the dream of ‘getting paid to workout’ has always been universal. “Now, we’re bringing that dream into reality with crypto and”






Senior Advisor




Capped Max supply: 300,000,000.0000

No new tokens will ever be minted. This makes HIIT resistant to inflation, securing it’s value against the strength of the community & utility.

3% total tax,  – 1% dev/marketing fee, 1% liquidity, 1% return to holders

28.5% Locked Liquidity, 50% Presale, 10% Fitness Industry Allocation, 6% Development, 3% Marketing, 2.5% Team


HIIT is not yet listed on – this will happen automatically once the fair launch is complete on pinksale. The fair launch is posted on and you can join the presale now. 

Presale Launch in:

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Create a BSC wallet

You can download Metamask or any other wallet of your choice for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you are a desktop user, you can download the Google Chrome extension by visiting

Get some BNB

In order to get HIIT, you need to have BNB in your wallet. If you don’t have any BNB, you can purchase it directly on Metamask, transfer it from another wallet, or buy it on a different exchange and transfer it to your wallet.

Go to pancakeswap

To use Pancakeswap, connect your wallet and then paste the HIIT token address into Pancakeswap. Select HIIT and confirm the transaction. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet sig, sign it


Set slippage to 4-5% and enter your desired amount of BNB you’d like to swap for HIIT. And that’s it!


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Join the HIIT Community.